Stran Leap Offer an Exclusive Range of Mattresses

Stran Leap understand the importance of your peaceful sleep so that you can recharge the next day to do your work with energy. We design an excellent range of mattresses that can give you 100% comfort during your sleep, and you can lead a healthy lifestyle. Why you need to choose our range of mattresses:

Enjoy maximum comfort

With our range of Airweave Futon mattresses, people can enjoy maximum comfort during their sleep. This is because we design mattresses according to human body adaptability to get maximum comfort during sleep. This mattress also does a posture corrector that will help to heal back pain so that you will get maximum comfort from our range of mattresses.

Interruption free sleep
As our range of Airweave Singapore mattresses can give you complete comfort during the sleep! So you can enjoy interruption-free sleep. From our range of mattresses, you will get maximum comfort and not feel tired or waked during your sleep. We understand that sleep is the most important thing to keep a human healthy and energetic. So we design mattresses according to new technologies. In this way, you can complete your sleep to do something new the next day.


We provide an excellent range of mattresses so that you can feel relax and luxurious during your sleep. Our team of professionals continuously researches to bring something new and better for you and your rest. We have expertise in modern and custom manufacturing of furniture and mattresses to fulfil our client's requirements. We understand people are always eager to purchase quality products, so that they always try to provide quality Airweave at an affordable price as well.

To get more information about our range of products, you can directly visit our official website or connect our professionals to discuss your needs in precise.

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